DSD – The German Stem Cell Donor Registry. A Non-Profit Organisation

We see ourselves as providing a home for life savers and act as a meeting place for donors and recipients, in other words, for “genetic twins”. We are one of the largest registries in Germany and are growing steadily. Currently, we rank eighth among the 27 German stem cell donor registries. We operate in a decentralised way. In addition to our main offices in Dessau, we have further offices in other German cities, among them Erfurt, Gera, Halle, Rostock, Greifswald, Braunschweig and Bremen. 

“Being able to help patients with blood cancers/leukaemia or tumours as well as to GIVE LIFE with the help of our registered donors is, and remains, the goal of the German Stem Cell Donor Registry (DSD) gGmbH.“

Heinz Robens, Managing Partner



At the DSD, many thousands of registered donors are ready and waiting to be life savers. This motivates us because the more potential donors we can register, the more hope we can give to patients and help save lives. 

Before a person can be registered as a stem cell donor, their tissue characteristics have to be determined. This is a quick, simple and painless procedure. All we need is a sample of blood or saliva. The so-called “tissue typing” test, i.e. the determination of the genetic characteristics, is performed at one of our laboratories. Click here for all our information on tissue typing and stem cell donation.

Our aim is to attract many more young stem cell donors, so that they are available as potential life savers should the need arise. Young persons between the ages of 18 and 40 years can apply to register as stem cell donors at the DSD.

So don’t delay: Become a donor now! 
Everyone can help.

Would you like to help, but aren’t able to donate stem cells yourself? Why not give another potential donor the chance? It is worth remembering that the statutory health insurance funds in Germany do not cover the costs for tissue typing and registration. This is why we ask you for a monetary donation. Every contribution counts.

Thank you!

Account for donations:
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
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